Digital Literacies in Education: Teaching, Learning and Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms

The UKLA Digital Literacies in Education Task Group was funded by the UKLA to develop a resource that will support teachers to plan, teach and assess children’s creative and critical use of digital media. In 2018-2019, a review of existing frameworks relating to digital literacy(ies) in education was conducted by a small team of researchers. Based on this review, a provisional framework for promoting the use of digital literacies in education was compiled and shared at the UKLA International Conference in 2019. Within this framework, 12 principles for the use of Digital Literacies in Education were described. During 2019-20, the team worked with the 12 principles to explore their relevance and potential as tools to support teachers in practice. In this symposium, team members will share their findings and make recommendations for practice.